Jane Austen & the Spirit of Chivalry

Or:¬†The Box Hill Dialogues Although the idea of privilege is rather over used at times it is a thing and it does have significance. It is, moreover, a universal phenomenon. There is no human society of which we know where privilege did not exist, if only that which accrues to the strong over the weak,... Continue Reading →

Washed-Out Blue: A Poem

Dawn chorus, subdued and sparse, The birds of summer have flown. Washed-out blue, an autumn sky, Autumn life, drifting darkward. Pale gold late October sun. A soft light. Not a warm one. Each born thing comes to fruition, Welcome or not, still it matures. That which has been sown will be reaped. And yet, what... Continue Reading →

Dominion Through Permanent Revolution

Tom Holland, the historian and amateur-but-elite cricketer, races his way through about 2498 years of human history in the course of not much more than 500 pages for his latest book¬†Dominion. The object of the exercise is to trace the impact which a particular collection of ideas and beliefs has had in the rise and... Continue Reading →

Achieving Deep Stillness

On social media I recently saw a very busy person, a hospital doctor in fact, recommending the daily experience of stillness as a restorative practice. This prompted me not only to agree with her but to reflect on the fact that 'stillness' is not simply the state at which we arrive when we stop doing... Continue Reading →

In Praise of Silence

  From the outset I should say that although I am about to argue that silence is A Good Thing that does not mean that I am advocating it as a sovereign universal remedy. Broccoli is also an excellent thing but some people just can't eat it. This does not represent a personal flaw or... Continue Reading →

On Meditation

Let the seeker quietly lead the mind into the Spirit, and let all his thoughts be silence. (Bhagavad Gita 6:25) The word 'meditation' has a number of different meanings and the dominant meaning has changed over time. For the sake of brevity I shall ignore all these complexities and concentrate on the technique which Krishna... Continue Reading →

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