Groupthink & the Political Process

The degradation of Alfred Dreyfus by Henri Meyer It might be more accurate to talk of Groupfeel but that would be an unintended double entendreĀ so I will stick with Groupthink. Election opinion polls are sometimes rendered inaccurate by voters who are too embarrassed to admit supporting party A so claim to support party B instead.... Continue Reading →


Subsidiarity & the Scottish Tsunami

In a small but perfectly formed northern European country a political earthquake appears to be under way which will all but annihilate the established political parties from parliament. For the rest of the world the question would be 'is Scotland an outlier or a harbinger?' All politics is local and the precise combination of events... Continue Reading →

The Climate Change Games

There is a current of opinion which suggests that there is no climate change debate, science has proved beyond doubt that human activity has changed and is changing the planet's weather. Against this there is another current which suggests that either there has been no climate change or that if there has been then this... Continue Reading →

Are Human Rights Important?

Human Rights are of secondary importance by comparison with Human Obligations which are primary. The reason for this should be obvious; no one can receive a human right in practice (however many they may possess in theory) unless someone else has previously fulfilled a human obligation. Take the right of a child to be educated... Continue Reading →

Is Democracy A Good Thing?

If the question had beenĀ Is majority rule A Good Thing? then the answer would have to be 'not necessarily.' If we can imagine a political unit where all the citizens are interested in, and well informed about, politics, economics, sociology and foreign affairs and each citizen is intelligent and possessed of good judgement then a... Continue Reading →

Hello world!

My plan here is to write a few posts and then explain why I've set up this blog and what I hope to achieve by it. Also, I suppose, in due course I should say a little about who I am but there is no hurry about that.

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