Moral Abyss: The Limits of #LoveWins

Since the 1960's the West has increasingly become gripped by a new zeitgeist which might be summarised as 'everyone should be free to do whatever they want so long as it doesn't directly harm anyone else.' Some might add 'without their consent' on the grounds that if people wish to be harmed why should anyone... Continue Reading →


What is Religion for?

Organised religion is often used, and allows itself to be used, for a wide variety of purposes. It can be an instrument of social control, or rebellion, it can be a marker of community, ethnic or linguistic identity, it can be a source and enforcer of moral codes and legal norms and so on and... Continue Reading →

Muhammad & the West

It is, perhaps, remarkable how frequently people overlook the blindingly obvious. One certain truth is that the perspective from the inside looking out is always different from that of the outside looking in. Yet in the narratives that Westerners and Muslims tell about each other this simple fact is often never considered. (Westerners is not... Continue Reading →

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