Tolerance & Indifference

  Tolerance is one of those words which have changed meaning over the course of the last half century or so. Formerly it essentially meant putting up with a thing which you didn't really like but which getting rid off would cause more problems than it was worth. Now it is used to mean accepting... Continue Reading →


The Structures-A Poem

We chanced upon them In the early morning. One lay, crazily tilted, At an impossible angle. The others, white and upright Stood in their curved straightness.   Above us broken blades thrummed Struck by constant sea-breeze buffets. Why, we asked, did they- Our long dead forebears- Why did they build these things Here in the... Continue Reading →

Plato, Kipling & Safe Spaces

(Trigger warning- this post mentions without condemning Rudyard Kipling, a Dead White Man) In one of his poems, The Disciple, Kipling wrote- HE THAT hath a Gospel To loose upon Mankind, Though he serve it utterly — Body, soul and mind — Though he go to Calvary Daily for its gain — It is His... Continue Reading →

Shangri La-sur-Loire

The chances are that you are reading this because you want to know what the odd title means. I will come to that presently but first I want to talk about cults. The word has acquired a sinister connotation in modern English but its Latin original cultus means  "care, labour; cultivation, culture; worship, reverence."  It retains something... Continue Reading →

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