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I am 50something, born in Scotland, living in England. By profession I am a registered nurse but due to long term illness have not worked for a couple of years. Philosophically I am economically and environmentally radical and socially conservative. This oddity springs from my understanding of my Catholic faith. This blog is an attempt in non-religious terms to express the outlines of that philosophy.

Religious Belief & Pink Unicorns

There are, in what passes for discussion on the internet, a significant group of atheists who rail against Christianity in principle but display a remarkable degree of ignorance about it in detail. Faced with the suggestion that they learn more … Continue reading

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Good Friday, The Longest Day

In the 1962 film The Longest Day about the Normandy Landings there is an, for the era, harrowing scene showing the disastrous airborne assault on Sainte-Mère Église. American paratroopers were killed in large numbers by well prepared German defenders. Later in the … Continue reading

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Beware of Darkness

Beware of darkness Watch out now, take care Beware of the thoughts that linger Winding up inside your head (George Harrison) There is a line in the Gospel which I’ve always found somewhat enigmatic “The eye is the lamp of … Continue reading

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2016: The Beginning of the End?

This year and its predecessor have witnessed a disturbing number of actual earthquakes with consequent loss of life and destruction of property. What, if anything, this tells us about future disasters I could not say. In politics tectonic plates have … Continue reading

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3. The Activist

In his younger days Pierre’s Tintinesque quiff had been quite famous. Now that his hair was markedly thinner it stood less proudly than it had done in its pomp. Nonetheless such as it was it was his and he was … Continue reading

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2. The Newsreader

Marianne ran her fingers through the tightly curled black hair that surrounded the perfect oval face she presented to the world and crossed one elegant leg over another. Like all newsreaders she was employed because of her intelligence, education, articulacy … Continue reading

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1. The Journey Begins

A priest had been murdered. The killers shouted Allahu Akbar before cutting the old man’s throat as he knelt by his altar. “The motive for the attack,” intoned the newsreader with apparent sincerity “is not yet known.” Étienne rubbed the tip … Continue reading

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