How To Find Meaning

How to find meaning Is: stop searching for meaning; It is always here. There are, I think, at least three major assumptions embedded in this micropoem. Namely- 1) That there is a universal human desire to find meaning in life and in the cosmos. 2) That this desire is often expressed in terms of a... Continue Reading →


Mental Anguish: Ancient & Modern

There exists a tribe of angry militant atheists (AMA's) who appear to regard the sacred scriptures of the world as a kind of extended true/false quiz. By which I mean that they assume that if a proposition or story contained within the texts cannot be proved as certain, in the same way that one can... Continue Reading →

Bring Me The Errors of Ricky Gervais!

“Basically, you deny one less God than I do. You don’t believe in 2,999 Gods. And I don’t believe in just one more.” (Ricky Gervais)   In a much publicised exchange the animal-loving, personable, talented and highly intelligent writer/comedian Ricky Gervais discussed religion with the chat show host and Daily Show alumnus Stephen Colbert. Despite... Continue Reading →

Religious Belief & Pink Unicorns

There are, in what passes for discussion on the internet, a significant group of atheists who rail against Christianity in principle but display a remarkable degree of ignorance about it in detail. Faced with the suggestion that they learn more about the subject which they spend so much time talking about their response is usually... Continue Reading →

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