Does Progress Trump Democracy?

There is, I think, among political and intellectual ruling circles of the West a widespread but rarely enunciated belief. It runs something like this- * Enlightenment Liberalism and 'science' represent the highest possible point that any human society can attain. * It thus follows that this is a universal truth applicable everywhere, to everyone at... Continue Reading →


Be Happy! Stop Enjoying Yourself

People in the West have probably never had more freedom to pursue pleasure than they do today. Alcohol is relatively cheap, prosecution for the use of recreational drugs is rare and sexual activity with any number of partners of any type is permitted in those places where it is not actively encouraged. Is the pursuit... Continue Reading →

The Left as a Conservative Force

The English Liberal politician and historian Thomas Babington Macaulay writing in the 1840s about the two great parties of state said- "Everywhere there is a class of men who cling with fondness to whatever is ancient, and who, even when convinced by overpowering reasons that innovation would be beneficial, consent to it with many misgivings... Continue Reading →

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