Evil & the Human Will

There is probably a popular consensus that some acts can be called 'good' and others 'evil.' Further, it is believed, that prior to any such morally charged action being performed a positive movement of the Will must take place. That is, a fully conscious determination is formed and from this the act flows, or at... Continue Reading →


On Political Correctness

Back in the 1980’s I was a young Marxist and so was in at the ground floor of what is now called political correctness. Probably as a result of this I've always had something of a soft spot for it. Indeed the proposition upon which it rests is perfectly reasonable. As I understand it, it... Continue Reading →

The Twittermob as a One Trick Pony

It is a feature of our era that the old fashioned, slow motion, ordeal of Trial by Tabloid has been replaced by the much swifter process of Conviction by Social Media. The ritual is by now well established; once a critical mass of outraged tweeters has been reached the object of execration shall, sometimes within hours, be... Continue Reading →

Habit Forming

Bad Habits, Holy Orders is a series by the UK's Channel 5 in which five young women, Gabbi, Paige, Tyla, Sarah and Rebecca, whose life is largely based on clothes, cosmetics, clubbing, casual sex, selfies and alcohol spend four weeks under the care of nuns from the Daughters of Divine Charity. To further twist the knife in... Continue Reading →

The Western Creed

If the idea which dominates Western societies were to be reduced to a formula it would, I think, go something like this- Each individual has a duty, which is also an inalienable right, to achieve the greatest possible degree of self-realisation or self-fulfillment provided that in doing so they harm no one else (or the... Continue Reading →

Sex Abuse & Belief-Systems

If the events of recent decades have taught us one thing it is that no belief-system, political, philosophical or religious, has, on its own, the ability to inoculate men against abusing their power in order to gain sexual gratification for themselves. Liberal men and conservative men, religious men and secular men, cerebral men and men... Continue Reading →

The Evil Within Each of Us

Following a tsunami of (as yet unproven) accusations about sexual misconduct and gross abuse of power the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein announced that he would be seeking therapy. There is a touch of Hamlet about this- How I am punish'd with sore distraction. What I have done That might your nature, honour, and exception Roughly... Continue Reading →

Surrounded by Enigmas

About ten or fifteen years ago I had a sudden moment of enlightenment. Sitting in the staff room I was listening to someone giving a blow by blow account of all the terrible things which his (or possibly her) colleagues had done to him (or her.) As well as recounting what they had actually done... Continue Reading →

3. The Activist

In his younger days Pierre's Tintinesque quiff had been quite famous. Now that his hair was markedly thinner it stood less proudly than it had done in its pomp. Nonetheless such as it was it was his and he was very fond of it. After making a few necessary adjustments to the cherished thing in... Continue Reading →

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