Dæmon Haunted Minds

Lovely thoughts came flying to meet me like birds. They weren't my thoughts. I couldn't think anything half so exquisite. They came from somewhere. (Lucy Maud Montgomery, Emily Climbs) ...the war which the demons wage against us by means of thoughts is more severe than the war they wage by means of material things. (St... Continue Reading →

On the Monkey Mind and Twitter Archaeology. Part II

Marianne would have thought herself very inexcusable had she been able to sleep at all the first night after parting from Willoughby. She would have been ashamed to look her family in the face the next morning, had she not risen from her bed in more need of repose than when she lay down in... Continue Reading →

In Praise of Silence

  From the outset I should say that although I am about to argue that silence is A Good Thing that does not mean that I am advocating it as a sovereign universal remedy. Broccoli is also an excellent thing but some people just can't eat it. This does not represent a personal flaw or... Continue Reading →

Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New

Ring out the false Ring in the true Ring out the old Ring in the new Ding-dong, ding-dong (George Harrison) We are forever making, or intending to make, new beginnings. Sometimes our intentions are rooted in a real world event, moving house, starting a new job, changing countries, and sometimes they spring from a symbolic... Continue Reading →

Memory, Impermanence & Love

Man, according to his nature, is not capable of abandoning suddenly all to which he was accustomed (Guide for the Perplexed III:32) A photograph taken in 2010 and showing four Middle Eastern rulers standing together smiling and exuding complacent self-confidence was reposted in 2017 after all four of them had been overthrown and two of... Continue Reading →

Evil & the Human Will

There is probably a popular consensus that some acts can be called 'good' and others 'evil.' Further, it is believed, that prior to any such morally charged action being performed a positive movement of the Will must take place. That is, a fully conscious determination is formed and from this the act flows, or at... Continue Reading →

On the Nature of the Human Self

In an earlier post I suggested that the one article of belief which everyone in the West is expected to sign up to goes something like this- Each individual has a duty, which is also an inalienable right, to achieve the greatest possible degree of self-realisation or self-fulfillment provided that in doing so they harm no... Continue Reading →

Modesty As A Male Virtue

Stand at the crossroads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way lies; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls. (Jeremiah 6:16) There is an idea that the word 'modesty' only applies to women and specifically to their clothing choices. Associated with that is a further idea that... Continue Reading →

The Twittermob as a One Trick Pony

It is a feature of our era that the old fashioned, slow motion, ordeal of Trial by Tabloid has been replaced by the much swifter process of Conviction by Social Media. The ritual is by now well established; once a critical mass of outraged tweeters has been reached the object of execration shall, sometimes within hours, be... Continue Reading →

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