Drug Fuelled Apocalypse

There is a school of thought which supposes that St John, the author of the Book of the Apocalypse (AKA the Book of Revelation) took hallucinogenic drugs prior to embarking upon his literary labours. The reasoning is something like this; St John reported visions while on the island of Patmos, some hallucinogenic plants grow on... Continue Reading →


The Vampire and the Marionette

In his book The Soul of the Marionette: A short enquiry into human freedom the philosopher John Gray writes- "What seems to be singularly human is not consciousness or free will but inner conflict- the contending impulses that divide us from ourselves." The character of Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer I think illustrates this point. He... Continue Reading →

Are Atheists More Moral Than Christians?

It is sometimes argued that since Christians do good and avoid evil out of, respectively, a desire for heaven and a fear of hell whereas atheists do good because it is good and avoid evil because it is evil therefore atheists are more moral than Christians. This is one of these arguments which is tremendously... Continue Reading →

Be Happy! Stop Enjoying Yourself

People in the West have probably never had more freedom to pursue pleasure than they do today. Alcohol is relatively cheap, prosecution for the use of recreational drugs is rare and sexual activity with any number of partners of any type is permitted in those places where it is not actively encouraged. Is the pursuit... Continue Reading →

Reason & Its Rivals

When faced with an unexplained phenomenon it may seem apparent that the best response is to investigate it. We can then assemble the data we have collected through our investigation, evaluate it and construct an hypothesis which explains the phenomenon with reference to all relevant facts. The obviousness of this approach, however, is a cultural... Continue Reading →

Groupthink & the Political Process

The degradation of Alfred Dreyfus by Henri Meyer It might be more accurate to talk of Groupfeel but that would be an unintended double entendre so I will stick with Groupthink. Election opinion polls are sometimes rendered inaccurate by voters who are too embarrassed to admit supporting party A so claim to support party B instead.... Continue Reading →

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