On Meditation

Let the seeker quietly lead the mind into the Spirit, and let all his thoughts be silence. (Bhagavad Gita 6:25) The word 'meditation' has a number of different meanings and the dominant meaning has changed over time. For the sake of brevity I shall ignore all these complexities and concentrate on the technique which Krishna... Continue Reading →


How To Find Meaning

How to find meaning Is: stop searching for meaning; It is always here. There are, I think, at least three major assumptions embedded in this micropoem. Namely- 1) That there is a universal human desire to find meaning in life and in the cosmos. 2) That this desire is often expressed in terms of a... Continue Reading →

On the Nature of the Human Self

In an earlier post I suggested that the one article of belief which everyone in the West is expected to sign up to goes something like this- Each individual has a duty, which is also an inalienable right, to achieve the greatest possible degree of self-realisation or self-fulfillment provided that in doing so they harm no... Continue Reading →

On Attention

In 1942 the philosopher Simone Weil wrote- Attention consists of suspending our thought, leaving it detached, empty and ready to be penetrated by the object About a millennium and a half earlier the Christian Orthodox monk Hesychios had similarly written- Attention is unceasing silence of the heart free of all thoughts. One could no doubt... Continue Reading →

What Is Life?

Oh tell me, what is my life without your love Tell me who am I without you by my side? (George Harrison) Many George Harrison lyrics are intentionally ambiguous. They can be read, and usually are read, as straightforward romantic boy meets girl songs. George, however, as a devotee of bhakti yoga, the Hindu form of... Continue Reading →

Lust, Decadence & Immorality

The poet Gregory Wood describes, in one of his poems, soldiers ending their day in 'bleak debauchery.' This rather startling turn of phrase describes rather neatly a great truth. It is only while it preserves the charm of novelty that debauched, decadent behaviour can be said to be exciting. It possesses the glamour of unknown... Continue Reading →

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